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The Guiding Light Foundation (GLF) is:

A life support organization providing Celebration of Life Memorials and Funerals and the facilitation of Weddings, Baby Naming Ceremonies, Special Ceremonies and Corporate Chaplaincy.

A teaching organization dedicated to providing classes, seminars, counseling and coaching to inspire and elevate people to experience and express their highest potential and greatest good.

A spiritual (rather than religious) organization providing support and palliative care to those dealing with challenges.

An inspirational organization giving lectures and workshops which empower you to experience and express more joy, ease, and peace in your life and affairs. Topics include Forgiveness, The Power of Love to Heal, Compassionate Communication and Meditation Made Easy.

A caring organization offering an Encouragement Program to honor the spirit and courage of those who strive to make a difference with their work or volunteer service.

Served by Associates who are each trained in providing positive prayer and teaching basic meditation skills and relaxation techniques. All of the Associates with the GLF are certified in their respective fields.

A 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation with Dr. Janine H. Burns as Director of the Guiding Light Foundation (GLF). She and our Associates provide spiritual services to those in the Long Island and New York City area (and beyond) that donít belong to a particular temple or house of worship. Our Tax-Exempt Number: 11-3543301

                                             Dr. Janine H. Burns
                                              Interfaith Chaplain

                                                       631.427.2897 Office
                                                       516.909.0103 Mobile
                                                       Email Janine

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The Guiding Light Foundation is supported solely by the donations and tithes of those to whom it provides spiritual services.
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